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Everyday Pure

Clay Bowl


EDP Clay Bowl: This beautiful bowl is Handcrafted exclusively for us. You can use this dish to mix the Facial Clay Mask and mix it with a brush or teaspoon. Each one is uniquely hand formed and one of a kind. Also, a great little dish for small treasures.


Size: 2 ¾ inches diameter by 1.5 inches high

Proudly Hand Made In USA

EDP - Clay Bowl

  • Naturally Beautiful: Our philosophy is simple, “You are what you absorb”. Just like the factual statement “you are what you eat” we now know our body’s ability to absorb ingredients is just as important as what we consume. We strongly believe these fundamental facts are one of the most important decisions we can and should be making as human beings. Living by virtue our product line is made using the finest quality all-natural ingredients available. As a company we believe “Quality Equals Results”. 

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